Support Pledged for Ambassador Haqqani and LA Consulate

The Pakistani-American community in Arizona believes in extending unflinching support to their country of origin and the people of Pakistan, regardless of which political system is enforced and which party is ruling the country.
The Arizonian Pakistanis fully agree with the message of the new Ambassador of Pakistan, the  Honorable Hussain Haqqani, that it’s time to think of a unified Pakistan. The details of the ambassador’s message were conveyed to the community by Dr. Arif Kazmi, who just returned from  Washington, DC, where he was invited to a meeting with the new ambassador along with other Pakistani Americans from several US states.
As a result of Dr Kazmi’s visit to the Embassy and his meeting with Ambassador Haqqani and his subsequent briefing to members of the community, the professional Pakistani-American organizations of Arizona have not only written letters of welcome and extended invitations to the new ambassador but they have categorically expressed their support  to the strivings of the Embassy in DC, the Consulate in Los Angeles, and Dr. Kazmi’s efforts in this regard in Arizona, so as   to present a positive image of Pakistan in  the USA and to render tireless services to the Arizonian Pakistanis. 
The major professional organizations from Arizona that have written to the Pakistani Ambassador are:  APPNA President Dr. Asim Khwaja MD,   ABOA the Arizona Business Owners Association President Shahid Hanif,  PAN SEP the Pak American Network of Scientists and Engineers President Syed Ahmer,   CPAs and Accountants of Pakistanis in Arizona  President Mr M. Zafar Iqbal,   The Journalists and Writers of Pakistani Origin in Arizona, Writer Asim Ameer,   The AA & PA Network the Anglo Ams and Pakistani Ams Network Leader David Hadley,  Intel Pakistan Group Coordinator Engr.- Manager Yousuf Bhuvad,  Pakistan Cricket and Sports League Arizona President Azhar Imam,  The Pakistani Transporters Organization at the Phoenix International Airport Director and Secretary General Mazher Qureshi and some other organizations. 






Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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