AMV New York Open House Attracts Large Crowd
By Samina F. Sundas 

Pictures above: Glimpses of the Open House organized by the American Muslim Voice in New York

The New York Chapter of the American Muslim Voice (AMV) held its first annual Open House on the hottest summer day of June 28, 2008 to spread the miracle movement of friendship that attracted around 300 people from different faiths and walks of life. The program was supposed to be held from 12 noon to 3:30 pm but lasted till midnight. The  Cahill Road neighbors were so excited about the idea that they turned the AMV open house into a block party and enjoyed themselves till midnight.
The guests left before the short thunder storm showers struck  but neighbors welcomed the cooling of the day and came out to have a second session of fun under the sun. The music was captivating, some adults were seen spontaneously dancing and youngsters were found excitedly playing on the street for hours. Most of the neighbors mounted their canopies, parked their chairs and loungers enjoyed Pakistani food while visiting one another.
Little kids enjoyed the safety of an enclosed street and rode their scooters, tricycles, had water fights, blew bubbles, flew kites on the yards and in the street. We received offers of help in the coming years from all neighbors. A fifty-year resident Miriam who is eighty-five years old lauded our efforts for spreading “the miracle movement of friendship." She admired the Islamic and Pakistani hospitality of providing free food and an opportunity for all neighbors and strangers to interact with one another. An excited  cancer patient in the neighborhood who had  chemo therapy a day earlier could not attend the event but called to share her excitement and promised to be there next year. (May Allah grant her full recovery). That is why we call our open houses and peace picnics a "miracle movement."
The delicious food was specially prepared by Kashmir Restaurant of Manhattan. Thank you Shaheen Butt Sahib.
The colorful event was cosponsored by the AMV National, AmeriChoice by United Healthcare, Kashmir Mission USA. We greatly appreciate our co-sponsors for their generosity, for attending the event, and for their commitment in furthering AMV's "miracle movement of friendship.”
This event was made possible by our co-sponsors. By co-sponsoring you have become our partner in bridging the gap between all communities. We encourage all of our fellow Americans to join hands with us in creating a peaceful and inclusive nation for our kids and their kids. You do not have to be a Muslim to join AMV. American Muslim Voice was established in July 2003 by Muslims to work for and with all Americans as a grassroots, nonviolent, inclusive, civil immigrant and human rights organization specifically for  building alliances and genuine partnerships with like-minded groups and individuals to protect and preserve civil liberties and constitutional rights for all. Our goal is to bridge the gap between all communities and unite us all under the umbrella of our common humanity.  Without doubt, AMV’s most resounding achievement has been the development of lasting alliances, coalitions, and friendships with and among all types of Americans during its brief history.
Among those who endorsed the event included: American Friends Service Committee, Code Pink, Fellowship of reconciliation, Islamic Circle of North America, ICNA Relief, NY Board of Rabbis, NYC United for Peace and Justice. We greatly appreciate these organizations for attending the event and for their commitment in furthering AMV's "miracle movement of friendship.”
The New York Open House was part of the AMV campaign for  hosting open houses, peace picnics and peace conventions annually to unite neighbors and strangers alike.
AMV New York’s president Malik Nadeem Abid thanked all those who helped in making this event successful. He particularly thanked the sponsors and co-sponsors and  endorsers of the open house and guests for making AMV's first st New York annual open house a huge success. 
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