World’s Best Free Throw Shooter
By Saghir Aslam

Robot/John (right) with the General Manager of Boston Celtics

You have been reading my column on investment for years. I am sure you did not know that my day after the Fajr prayers starts with shooting basketball (3 pointers) from all directions and then free throws.
I met a very interesting fellow months ago and have been watching and enjoying seeing him at the basketball court. I have also learnt many techniques from him to improve my performance in no small measure. He is simply amazing and I have nicknamed him Robot. I thought his useful instructions to your group or club could vastly improve your game.
You will see him in the picture standing next to Danny Ainge, general manager of the world renowned Boston Celtics.
I want you to meet  the world’s  best free throw shooter:
97 out of 100 under competitive conditions
96 out of 100 eyes closed
I wanted to share his amazing technique with my brothers and sisters so that they too could benefit from the master of free throws. To contact Robot or John you can send your email at:
Says Robot or John: What is popular is not always right and what is right is not always popular. I have developed a free throw that eliminates SHOOTING.  It is so remarkable and ingrained that I have made as many as 178 in a row with my eyes closed  that substantiates the unique technique and mechanics that govern it and dials it in. I have been hired by LA Fitness for their Grand Opening in Irvine California and made 41 in a ROW WITH MY EYES CLOSED with many witnesses present .It is not the conventional NBA shot. It is far more advanced and scientific than any shot in the NBA. I average 98 out of 100 shots -- ALWAYS EYES CLOSED -- to reinforce that it is accomplished with a technique that took 8000 hours to develop and MUST BE MADE KNOWN AND EXPOSED FOR SHEER EXCELLENCE AND FOR THE LOVE OF THE GREAT GAME OF BASKETBALL. I am 64 years old and very proud of this astounding accomplishment. Every age group and basketball league worldwide MUST be aware that this discovery exists and will elevate the level of the game.




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