Obama Felicitates Haqqani

Washington, DC: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has congratulated Pakistan’s new Ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani on assuming his diplomatic assignment and vowed to work for advancing “critical partnership” between the two nations.
“I will continue to press for a US policy that demonstrates a commitment to the people of Pakistan and a more effective approach to foreign assistance to promote democracy and roll back the forces of extremism,” Obama wrote in a letter to Haqqani.
He said, “Pakistan remains a critically important ally in the fight against Al Qaeda, a reason why I have been proud to support significant investments in its economic development over the last several years.” While he recognized the sacrifices Pakistan has made in the  fight against terrorism, Obama said that more steps were needed to combat terrorists in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan.
Obama said that the February 18 polls provided an opportunity to the Pakistani people to advance the cause of democracy. “The new direction chosen by a strong majority of the Pakistani people presents an opportunity to expand the important relationship between Pakistan and the US,” he added.




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