Desi Guys Compete to Be the King of Casanovas on New Reality Show

Edison, NJ: Do Desi guys really have what it takes to win over women? One new reality show seems to think so. DesiNova, premiering July 24 on Pan Desi, has pitted nine guys against each other in a series of tasks gauging who amongst them has the charisma and charm to be crowned the king of CasaNovas…DesiNova.
Chairman and CEO of Pan Desi, Vimal Verma explains, “Pan Desi chose the DesiNova concept because 9 out of 10 Desis polled wanted a show like this. It’s cutting edge, contemporary…exactly the type of content that Pan Desi stands for.”
“It’s a show unlike any you’ve seen before,” says Jay Espinal, Director of the groundbreaking series. “We cast these guys because they all have one thing that sets them apart from the others. When the judges make their choices, even I’m surprised at the results.”
The judges are a panel of highly accomplished, young Desi women who all happen to be very attractive. Women in professions as medicine, law and finance; there’s even a Deputy County Attorney who has sweated the guys through the third degree.
The show can be viewed weekly for the next 12 weeks every Thursday at 9pm on the CoLours TV channel on Dish Network. Promo videos for DesiNova are currently available on PanDesi’s YouTube Premium Content Partnership channel, and the company confirms that full episodes will also be available on their website,
The contestants range from girl-crazy Vikas, who has just graduated from high school, all the way to Wasim, the 27-year-old entrepreneur who seems to have the self-assurance of Naricissus. Other guys include Ashay, a self proclaimed “great dancer;” Anant, the nice guy; Ali, the Cannes-credited documentary filmmaker; Nemesh, the club promoter; the biceped party boy Mit; and every mother’s dream, ambitious Jay who has been known to go skinny dipping in his neighbor’s pool when no one is watching.
Jay says, “ I am doing this for the experience. I think it will be a great way to learn a little bit more about myself and have some fun.” When asked if he thinks he will win, Jay replied, “I know I’m going to win. I’m an all-round type of guy that will do well in this competition.”
Nemesh adds, “I’m pretty excited about being part of the first ever Desi reality show. I’m confident that I have a good shot at winning.”
One hour episodes will be shown every Thursday night in Prime Time at 9pm starting July 24 to over 50 million people and made available to a global audience via YouTube. Cast blogs, backgrounds and insider show gossip from the crewmembers will be available on and its Facebook group, Pan Desi and DesiNova. The finale, which will be aired in late October, will see the crowned DesiNova winner walk away with a bundle of prize money.
Pan Desi is the first English-language television network that is targeted at South Asians living in America and available to over 50 million people every day on the Colors TV channel on Dish Network. Pan Desi is also one of the first networks of its kind available to the YouTube community via a Premium Content Partnership, an agreement reserved only for best-in-class content providers. The network’s YouTube channel is growing by 1000 views every day.
Pan Desi is led by an award winning, key senior management and advisory board with over 100 years of combined experience at such top companies as NBC, CBS and American Express. Catering to specific aspects of the Desi lifestyle and to key demographics, the new network offers a series of “firsts” for the American Desi community – American Desi-themed shows; a multi-generational lifestyle talk show for women; cutting-edge teen shows; a sports news and magazine show showcasing international and American sports; interview programs; late-night American Desi comedy blocks; Desi and interracial wedding themed shows and Bollywood and Hollywood rounding out the mix.




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