Pakistani Girl among Outstanding Cornell Graduates
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Ithaca, NY: Sana Ahmad, 21, who was awarded the degree of B.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering) at the May 25 convocation of Cornell University, has been ranked by the Cornell Chronicle, as one of “the twenty most dynamic graduates this year”. The paper carried a lengthy interview with her and gave details of her contributions to her field of study.
Over 5,000 students of the Ivy League college, of different levels and disciplines, received degrees along with Sana who has graduated a year ahead of the usual age. She was on the Engineering Dean’s list for outstanding academic performance.

The 140-year old university is regarded as an innovative force in higher education and is generally ranked among the top 10 universities of the world.

Last year Sana was one of 150 Cornell’s interns at the General Electric’s facility in Albany (NY). Cornell placed her as one of the top three interns on the recommendation of GE.
Sana migrated to the US along with her parents seven years back and has been a high-achiever throughout her career. That opened the portals of Cornell for her. While still an undergraduate student at Cornell, she managed to gain enough credits to be more than half way towards a Master of Engineering degree, which she expects to secure before the end of the current year by completing her course on line.  
In recognition of her attainments, Exxon Mobil, one of the biggest and wealthiest US corporations, has engaged her service at attractive emoluments. She will take up her appointment with the company in Houston in July.
Sana, incidentally, is the granddaughter of Link’s columnist, Arif Hussaini.




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