Kazmi Keynote Speaker at Citizens’ Oath-Taking Ceremony

Above: Dr. Arif Kazmi and Director Immigration and his staff join the new American citizens to cheer on the happy occasion.

Dr. Kazmi delivers his keynote speech

The USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) arranged one of the largest new US citizens oath-taking ceremony on May 22, 2008 at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, Arizona. The gathering aggregated 4000.
Dr. Arif Kazmi, a prominent Pakistani-American, was invited by the USCIS as the main guest to  deliver the keynote speech to the audience  from 72 countries of the world. The  District Immigration Director Mr. John Kramar conducted the oath taking ceremony. While Mr. Kramar explained to the new citizens their rights and duties, Dr. Kazmi's keynote speech was focused on how immigrants as well as the community  benefit  on becoming   US citizens.
The oath taking ceremony is a routine matter for the USCIS but this year saw the largest number of individuals taking the citizenship oath in Phoenix. It was reported that the USCIS has expedited the citizenship process and would resolve the backlog issue as early as possible.
The oath-taking ceremony is a source of bliss and merriment to individuals and families who become citizens of the United States of America.



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