Najam Sheraz to Perform in LA World Peace Concert

Najam Sheraz of Pakistan is to perform in an international peace concert ‘World Peace for Life, Hope and Love for Humanity’ to be held in Los Angeles on June 21.  “This extraordinary peace event is expected to reach out and touch about one billion people around the world,” says a Press Release. 
The peace event “will feature artists, politicians, motivational speakers and other dignitaries from the East and the West who will join together in the spirit of brotherhood to draw attention to the benefits of peace and reaffirm our commitment to unite humanity through love and understanding.” 
The concert will be telecast via satellite television, radio and the Internet, and is expected to be watched by one billion people around the world. The organizers hope to reach 3 to 4 billion people by 2009 “to deliver our powerful message of peace in the major cities of the world.” 
”World Peace For Life founder and CEO Prince Ali is uniquely positioned to achieve his peace objectives by serving as a bridge between Middle Eastern and Western cultures by using the common language of music,” says the Press Release. Ali comes to America from war torn Afghanistan and “his campaign for peace and unity, which started as a strong vision in his mind, is now a global movement. The June 21 event at the LA Convention Center is planned as the first in a series of international peace concerts,” states the Press Release.




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