PPP Regroups in Northern California
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A group of PPP members in Northern California

The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has decided to regroup in Northern California after the devastating sadness of its leader’s assassination and the delayed joy of the victory of the party in Pakistan during the February 18th elections earlier this year. The question now is: can the party in the USA and specifically in California re-emerge as a strong representative of community aspirations?
At a gathering at the Shan Restaurant in Sunnyvale, local party office bearers including Khalil Ahmed, Chaudhry Sohail, Babar Chughtai, Tufail Memon, Amer Choudhry and Maqsood Memon along with a number of guests including party members and supporters, reflected on the current situation in Pakistan. They also expressed their solidarity with people suffering due to rampant inflation, shortages of basic foods such as flour, and public utility challenges including electricity load shedding.
Rashid Ghaznavi and Adnan Shafiq, leaders of the PPP USA and Southern California, were recently in this area to lend their support to the party.
The absence of Khuda Bux (KB) Bhutto was felt on this occasion since he had kept local party spirits alive for several years and had hosted the late Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto in the San Francisco Bay Area on a number of occasions.




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