Community-Based Banking at Its Best: The UCB Success Story Continues
A Pakistan Link Report

Irvine, CA: On June 6, 2008  the United Central Bank opened its third branch in the city of Irvine. The Bank has already opened two branches in California in the last six months, one in Artesia and the other in Downtown Los Angeles.
The Irvine branch is located at 1140, Roosevelt Ave, Irvine, CA. The building is housed in the beautifully developed Jeffery Office Park at the intersection of Jeffery and Roosevelt Avenue, with the branch on the first floor and the Regional Office on the second floor.
United Central Bank banking centers offer a wide range of products which includes checking, savings, Internet banking, Certificate of Deposit (CD) products as well as Small Business Administration (SBA) loans and other commercial loans to finance a variety of small to medium size businesses such as motel, hotel, car wash, gas station, deli, grocery, dry cleaning, etc.
To celebrate the opening, all new business and personal banking customers were offered one-year of free checking services and six months of free wire transfers. A promotional 90 days CD yielding 3.75% APY* (see below) was also available along with Global Money Market deposit with APY as high as 4%.**
Mr. Shafiq Khan, Senior Vice President and Regional Manager, comes with a rich and diverse banking experience of 20 years. He can be contacted at 949-203-2770.  He is supported by a well-experienced team comprising of Mr. Rashid Memon, Vice President (Credit/ Marketing); Perinne Medora, Admn/ Marketing Officer; Sun O. Kim, Alexander Ko, Viren Patel, Syed Ali, and Jenny Yang.
Mr Jawaid Murtaza, Vice President, is the manager of the Irvine Branch. He has 30 years of professional banking experience. He is supported by Mr. Michael Chiu, Vice President and Operations Manager, Syed Zeeshan Haider, Tess Gartenlaub, and Victoria Shokri. Mr.Murtaza can be reached at 949-857-8222.
United Central Bank is a nationwide SBA lender with extensive experience in providing financing to small and medium-size enterprises.
Mr Keith Ward, President and CEO of United Central Bank, told Pakistan Link at the impressive opening ceremony that the Bank was specially suited to the needs of the Asian community. About 90 per cent of the  employees are Asians.  “The Asian community in the United States for the most part is very reliable, very hard working.”  The founder of the Bank, who is a Korean, originally founded the Bank for Korean Americans for whom language was a barrier at other banks. He later “expanded the UCB to other Asian communities.”
Mr Ward disclosed that the “loans are outpacing the deposits,” and the Bank offers many different programs. He proudly asserted that clients are not  treated as mere numbers by the Bank staff. “We maintain a relationship as we care for the people.”
For further information about the Bank, contact Keith Ward, President and CEO, at 972-485-7201.
 *Annual Percentage Yield is accurate as of the date of publication and is subject to change without notice.  The minimum opening balance is $10,000.00.  A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. ** Rates guaranteed through August 31,2008. Fees may reduce earnings.




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