New PPP California Chapter

PPP stalwarts of the California Chapter

Antioch, CA: Mr. Rasdhid Ghaznavi, Vice President PPP USA, and Mr. Adnan Shafiq, President PPP Southern California, visited the residence of Chaudhry Sohail in Antioch California where they announced the formation of the new chapter for Northern California. Mr. Ghaznavi announced the names of Mr. Khalil Ahmed as President Northern California and Mr. Sohail Chaudhry as General Secretary PPP Northern California.
Both candidates pledged their full support for the Party and expressed full confidence in the leadership of PPP Co-Chairman Mr. Asif Ali Zardari. They also announced their resolve to serve for the betterment of the party and work for the uplift of the poor masses of Pakistan.
A general body meeting was held last Sunday by PPP N. California President Khalil Ahmed, General Secretary Sohail Chaudhry, and PPP California Information Secretary Babar Chughtai at  the Shan Restaurant Sunnyvale, California.  The meeting was attended by a large number of  PPP members and supporters. It was addressed by President Mr. Khalil Ahmed who shed light on the  agenda and community welfare programs.  Following were elected office bearers.

1. Mr. Tufail Memon (Sr. Vice President)

2. Mr. Amer Chaudhry ( Vice President)

3. Mr. Maqsood Memon (Joint Secretary)

4. Mr. Babar Chughtai ( Press Secretary)



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