Bush Names Envoy to Muslim Nations

Washington, DC:  President Bush, acknowledging that the US needs to burnish its image in the Islamic world, has named a Texas entrepreneur as liaison to The Organization of the Islamic Conference.
Sada Cumber, who is a Muslim by faith, is the first US special envoy to the intergovernmental organization, which represents more than 50 Islamic states and promotes Muslim solidarity in social and political affairs.

Bush said the United States is misunderstood and that Cumber's mission is to explain to the Islamic world that America "is a friend of freedom" and that the United States values the freedom of religion.
"Now, a lot of people love America, don't get me wrong," Bush said in the Oval Office where he met with Cumber. "After all, there's a lot of people trying to come here because of what we stand for. But we've got work to do in certain areas."
Prior to his appointment, Mr. Sada Cumber was an entrepreneur and investor based in Austin, Texas. Mr. Cumber’s business background is in senior management, marketing, and imaging technology. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Cumber has specialized in national and global network strategy, strategic marketing, business planning and institution building.
Mr. Cumber has founded 11 companies in technology-based industries, including Texas Global, an international strategic advising firm, and CACH Capital Management, an investment advisory and wealth management firm. Prior to his appointment as Special Envoy, Mr. Cumber also served as Chairman of the Board of TCMS-LLC, an intellectual property development company, and as Chairman of Sozotek Inc., an imaging technology company. Mr. Cumber has also served on numerous corporate boards and as a speaker at the meetings of several national and international organizations, on topics including the ethics of persuasion, entrepreneurship and governance.
Mr. Cumber is committed to using his multicultural background and extensive business, social, and political skills to promote cooperation across cultures, to support international economic development and help advance meaningful dialogue among the world’s religious communities. He has served on the Board of Directors for the Texas Foundation of Religious Studies and the Advisory Council for the College of Fine Arts at the University of Texas.
Mr. Cumber was born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1951. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and a Master’s Degree in History, both from the University of Karachi. Mr. Cumber came to the United States in 1978 and has been an American citizen since 1986.



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