Graduation Ceremony of ‘Urdu Class 2008’
A Pakistan Link Report

The graduation ceremony of ‘Urdu Class 2008’ organized by the Urdu Writers Society was held in Fullerton in February 2008.
In all, 17 students, who had attended the 12-week course, graduated with 90 % or higher marks. They received their certificates of completion of course from Mr Samin Faruqi, President, Karachi Club and Mr. Arif Mansuri, Vice President, Urdu Writers Society and President/Managing Editor Pakistan Link    .
November 18 2007, it will be recalled, marked the beginning of a new chapter in the promotion of Urdu in North America. The day saw the successful commencement of weekly classes to impart teaching instructions in Urdu to 25 enthusiasts from vastly different backgrounds – mainstream Americans to immigrants with roots in Pakistan, Mexico,  and Guatemala.
The course was designed and introduced by the Urdu Writers Society which has played a catalytic role in the promotion of Urdu in North America. The Society’s President, Irfan Murtaza, is a well-known poet and has made his mark. The sustained strivings of other Urdu Writers Society officials – co-founder Asif Syed, CEO Mohammad Kalam, Vice-President Arif Mansuri, General Secretary Rohilla Khan, et al -  have been rewarded with success. Over the years the literary meetings organized by the UWS have been largely attended and have been instrumental in popularizing Urdu in North America.

Thanks to Irfan’s personal initiative and the wholehearted support of UWS office bearers and members, the Urdu classes were successfully run. Irfan personally conducted the classes and was helped in the laudable undertaking by UWS member Komal Taj.
The classes were held on Sunday at the offices of Travel and Tours in Fullerton. Two classes were held: the first starting at 11 am and was especially designed for youngsters between the age of 4-12, the second began at 12 noon and imparted teaching lessons to trainees in the age group 12 plus. The duration of each class was one hour. The trainees received instructions for twelve weeks. Details of the course can be obtained by visiting the website of the Urdu Writers Society (UWS).

UWS members are happy at the enthusiasm shown by lovers of Urdu to learn the language. They are sanguine that the Society will be pressed by Urdu enthusiasts to organize similar classes in cities other than Fullerton in the not too distant future.


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