Laughter for a Good Cause

Indian Muslim Relief and Charities (IMRC) arranged a Muzahiyah Musha'ira under the auspices of Bazm-e-Adab, Seattle, on Friday, February 29. The purpose was to raise funds for the Indian Muslims. IMRC's representative Mr. Javed Sikander made an impressive presentation highlighting the organization's work for the relief of and legal justice for the Gujarat's massacre, establishment of Jahangirabad University, and the Annai Hajira Women's College in South India. Using slides, Mr. Javed informed that IMRC has established over 250 distribution centers across 12 states in India.
Ever since its inception in 1981, IMRC has 200 volunteers in the US and 1000+ in India working for providing economic and educational assistance to orphans and destitute children. IMRC has also provided immediate relief to victims of communal violence and national disasters, and helped 150,000 school children across India, added Mr. Javed Sikander.
Dr. Anis Quidwai, who flew from Spokane to preside over the function, briefly mentioned the history of humorous poetry in Urdu literature from the time of Hazrat Amir Khusro to the current period of Mr. Khawmakhah Hyderabadi and Mr. Mustafa Ali Baig. Known for his unique introduction of participating poets in verse, Mr. Owais Jafrey conducted and added his own spice to the Musha'ira.
The Carlton Inn's Hall was fully packed with over 200 audiences as the visiting poets kept them spell bound until 1:30 AM. Poet Khawmakhah presented such captivating quatrains:
Dil apna kaisay phansta bhala zulf-e-yaar main
mosam khazan ka sir pe thha fasl-e-bahaar main
zulf-e-daraaz maang ke la'aey thhey chaar baal
dow aarzu main jhar ga'aey dow intezaar main
Poet Mustafa Ali Baig uses English words in poetry and calls it Anglo-Urdu poetry. Besides many, he recited his "angry ghazal" to the amusement of the audience:
"Kiya hai dil kiya hai jigar, you don't know
derd hota hai kidhar, you don't know
khaak main mil ja'aeygi beauty teri
mayree aahon ka asar, you don't know
ishq bhi ab ban gaya cricket ka game
baywafa ka bouncer, you don't know
once upon a time, hum bhi thhey jawan
woh zamaanah, my dear you don't kow."

Among host poets, who recited their non-humorous poetry were Mr. Rahul Upadhiyaya, Mr.Riaz Khan, Mr. Habib Anjum, Mr. Nazeer Nayyar, veteran poets Mr.Zafar Rizvi, Mr. Owais Jafrey, and Dr. Anis Quidwai.
In his concluding remarks, Dr. Quidwai eulogized the efforts of IMRC and its contributions towards the relief of suffering humanity and thanked Mr. Munir Rizvi and Mr. Rizwan Nasr of the Pakistan Association of greater Seattle for their cooperation and assistance in holding such a successful function.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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