Pakistani-American Community Sets up Endowment Fund for
Sheriff’s Department

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Pictures by YKKB

Pictures above were taken at the Pakistan Sherif's Advisory Council Luncheon with Sheriff Leroy D. Baca to establish an endowment fund for the LA County Deputy Sheriffs who lost their lives in the lin of duty

Los Angeles, CA: Pakistan Sheriff’s Advisory Council (PSAC) hosted a luncheon at the residence of Dr and Mrs Asif Mahmood in Bradbury, California, to launch the PSAC Endowment Fund for the benefit of the LA County Deputy Sheriffs who have lost their lives in the line of duty.
Los Angeles County Sheriff Leroy D. Baca, several high government officials and many prominent community members were present on this occasion.
Asif Mahmood welcomed the guest and emphasized the need for the endowment fund. He stated that the fund was a small token of the Pakistani-American community’s gratitude for the services of these officers.
The event was started with the recitation of Holy Qur’an by Ismail Javed Keekeebhai, which was followed by presentation of the national anthems of the USA and Pakistan by Arshad Ali.               
Speaking on the occasion the Vice Chairman of the Pakistan Sheriff’s Advisory Council (PSAC) and the event moderator Arif Zaffar Mansuri, described the role and purpose of the PSAC. He stated that the PSAC was formed to promote and encourage communication between the LA County Sheriff’s office and the members of the Pakistani-American Community. He stated that the PSAC was created by Sheriff Lee Baca to obtain input regarding the concerns of the Pakistani-American Community and to provide necessary information and feedback to the community.
Waqar Ali Khan, founder and Chairman of the PSAC, gave the details of the endowment fund. He said that the funds for the PSAC Endowment Fund will be raised form the Pakistani-American community and that the community has been very supportive and enthusiastic about this fund. He mentioned that a significant amount of the targeted funds have already been generated. Khan also praised the role of Sheriff Lee Baca and stated that under the Sheriff’s leadership the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department has become more open and more accountable for its officers actions, which has increased public trust in the department. He stated that Sheriff Lee Baca has been a great friend of Pakistan and the Pakistani-American community. He said that Sheriff has done an outstanding job in promoting interfaith and interracial harmony and has exemplified excellent leadership skills and employed progressive ideas that have bridged the gap between Pakistani-American community and the law enforcement.
Adnan Khan introduced the Sheriff and advised that the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, overseen by Sheriff Lee Baca, is the largest sheriffs department not only in the United States but the entire world. He said that the total budget of this department is 2.4 billion dollars and it employees over 18,000 people. He informed the audience that Sheriff Baca was elected for the 3rd time by the citizens of Los Angeles County as Sheriff in 2006.
Sheriff Leroy Baca delivered a heartwarming speech on the occasion. He praised the efforts of the men and women of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and commended the Pakistan Sheriff’s Advisory Council on establishing the endowment fund for the benefit of the Deputy Sheriffs who have laid their lives in the line of duty. Sheriff Baca fondly recounted his long-standing friendship with members of the Pakistani-American community. He recalled his trip to Pakistan where he had led a delegation of US sheriffs and security officers to Pakistan and met with high officials of the Pakistani Government, including President Musharraf.

Other members of the Board of Directors of PSAC who were also present on the occasion were: Jamal Khawaja, Fawzia Khawaja, Syed Firoze Qasim, YKKB, Sohail Moosani, Salman Moosani, Mubarak Awan, Waseem Qaiser, Shakeel Ahmed, Anwar Muzafar, Afzal Micheal, Zubair Rao.


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