Pak Students Mount Pro-Democracy Protests in US

Washington, DC: Pakistani students at various American universities, schools and colleges mounted spirited protests in a number of cities on Saturday, demanding the immediate restoration of Pakistan’s sacked judges.
A demonstration was also due to take place in front of the Pakistan embassy here on Sunday afternoon.
In Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Student Action Committee staged a protest in Harvard Yard, demanding the immediate restoration of the pre-Nov 3, 2007, judiciary in Pakistan. The protesters condemned what they said were President Pervez Musharraf’s “unconstitutional” acts, including the dismissal of judges; curbs on the media; the suspension of civil liberties and fundamental rights; and illegal detentions without trial or charges. They shouted slogans and walked up and down Harvard Square waving black flags.
Several doctors and lawyers joined the students. Protest leader Aqil Sajjad told the crowd that the US and the international community should stop interfering in Pakistan’s internal affairs. He also spoke against the continued detention of judges with their families. He urged the US to build a relationship with the people of Pakistan instead of with an unpopular ruler.
The rally was also addressed by Marlowe Rillera, who represented Harvard’s Filipino students, and Samad Khurram, who writes a column for student newspaper The Harvard Crimson.
A similar and equally boisterous protest was staged outside the Consulate of Pakistan and its Permanent UN Mission in New York.



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