NED Alumni Association of Southern California
By Ahmed Ali

NED University of Engineering and Technology has been a hallmark of academic excellence that continues to produce some of the brightest technical minds spread throughout the world today. To foster a more collaborative relationship between the university, including its students, faculty, and leadership, with the numerous alumni in the Southern California area, we are proud to announce the formation of the NED Alumni Association of Southern California (NEDAASC).
As the founding president of NEDAASC, it is the responsibility of this organization to help meet the goals and aspirations of those who have graduated from NED and the many more that are yet to pass through this great institution. As alumni of NED, it is necessary to give back to the school, which has already given so much to all of us. Continuing to see the university excel in the various branches of engineering is integral to the mission of this organization.
NEDAASC has already taken several steps to ensure the continued success of the university. We have started giving scholarships, both on a need and merit basis, to deserving engineering students. These scholarships will go a long way in helping to realize the dreams of many students in becoming engineers.
The inaugural NEDAASC event will be held on Saturday, March 29, 2008. We will be hosting NED’s Dean of Civil Engineering, Dr. Sahibzada Farooq. This will be an excellent opportunity for us as alumni to get real feedback on the institution and to develop a more constructive and collaborative relationship between our organization and the university. We strongly encourage all NEDians or others dedicated to seeing the university succeed to attend.
It is our sincere hope that through this event and a continued commitment, we will succeed in realizing the vision of the NED University of Engineering and Technology.
Founding members of the board include: Ahmed Ali – President, Syed Shariq Raza  – Vice-President, Mansoor Khan – Treasurer, Moqueem Ansari – Secretary, Mujib Ahmed – Membership Chair, Farhat Siddiqi and Zaid Ahmed members of the Board of Directors. 
To know more about your alumni visit, with regard to  the 3-29-08 event call Ahmed Ali at 714-412-6408, email  or


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