Pakistani-Americans Rejoice at Release of Judges

Washington, DC: The Pakistan-American National Alliance (PANA), a US-wide coalition of Coalition of Pakistani Organization of Chicago, Indus Society, Pakistan American Council of Texas, Pakistan American Democratic Forum, Pakistan Association of Riverside, Pakistan Cultural Association of New Orleans, Pakistan League of America, Pakistan-US Freedom Forum, has welcomed the release of Judges of the Supreme Court.
PANA has, however, demanded an immediate repeal of all unconstitutional amendments and ordinances. 
PANA has also urged the US State Dept to stop meddling in Pakistan ’s domestic affairs.
The PANA statement reads:
“We join our 160 million Pakistani brothers and sisters in rejoicing the release of the Judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
“The credit for this new beginning goes to four vital components of the Pakistani society: the PPP-PML(N)-ANP coalition, the legal fraternity, the media, and the civil society including the ‘All Parties Democratic Movement’ (APDM).
“This process, however, cannot be complete without the immediate repeal of all ultra vires constitutional amendments and ordinances promulgated by Gen Musharraf in 2007. Many of these amendments contain ex post facto legislation, provide "legal" cover to Gen Musharraf's illegal acts, and perpetuate army's abuse of state power and resources.
“A comprehensive legal and constitutional rectification bill must also affect the repeal of Articles 58 (2) (B) and 152-A (a clause inserted by Gen Musharraf on Aug 22. 2002 vide C. E. Order NO 24 of  2002 to establish the National Security Council). Otherwise the primacy of the Parliament cannot be established.
”As US citizens, we urge US Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice to desist from actions seen by the people of Pakistan as foreign intervention and micromanagement of Pakistan’s internal affairs. Such acts further fuel fires of resentment against the United States.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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