AMA Grieves the Death of Abdul Sattar Rydhan

California: The American Muslim Alliance (AMA), a national civic education organization with 101 chapters, has expressed its profound grief at the death of Mr. Abdul Sattar Rydhan former President of the AMA Bay Area chapter.
 Mr. Rydhan, who breathed his last at 64 years of age, was also a founding member of SBIA, current Trustee, long time community leader, organizer, mentor, and dear friend who passed away on March 19, 2008.  
“Abdul Sattar Rydhan’s greatest gift was his steadfast commitment to establishing essential community institutions, his unwavering pursuit of truth and justice, his active participation in raising the communities social, moral and political consciousness  and his amicable personality that comforted all those fortunate enough to know him,” AMA Chair Dr. Agha Saeed stated.
The AMA statement reads: “Mr. Abdul Sattar Rydhan was an unpretentious man who didn’t seek personal fame but desired to serve his community. Since 1969 when he arrived in the Bay Area, he played an essential role in building, institutionalizing, and mainstreaming numerous community organizations and increasing awareness on key issues.  By focusing on serious and substantive issues, Mr. Rydhan made sure that generations of Muslims will have a community center available to develop their Muslim and American identity. “We can pay him the highest compliment by continuing his tradition of selfless community service, and institution-building.” 



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