Pan Desi Launches English-Language Television Network

New York: Pan Desi, an English-language television network, was officially launched March 22 on Colours TV. Targeted at South Asians living in America, the network is the first to be available to over 50 million people everyday during prime time. The new network will capture the American Desi experience by uniquely targeting key Desi demographics and age groups.
Pan Desi programming will be aired daily during Prime Time at 9 PM (8 Central) on CoLours TV. CoLours TV is a pioneer in multicultural television and began broadcasting the programs on Friday, March 22, 2008.
Pan Desi is led by key senior management and advisory board representing over 100 years of experience at such top concerns as NBC, CBS and American Express. Additionally, Pan Desi is benefited by alliances with  the best in class content providers.
“It is a perfect time for this important segment of the population to have its own television content that will stand as a virtual meeting place in which to keep touch with Desi culture and share it with others. We are extremely proud to be the first to create a national, multi-platform daily Prime Time television marketplace to unite the Desi community and to position ourselves with CoLours TV, a leader in reaching and influencing the multicultural consumer.” said Vimal Verma, Chairman and CEO of Pan Desi. “As Desi people we are well aware of our roots, but we are also aware that our lives are intertwined with the American culture, making it vitally important for our programming to be in English, panning the American Desi experience.”
Pan Desi ( is available on CoLours TV during prime time (9 PM) every night (8 Central). For additional channel information or to learn more about CoLours TV please visit
Catering to specific aspects of the Desi lifestyle and to key demographics, Pan Desi’s programming schedule exhibits the highest production and editorial values, and ranges from the inspirational and exciting to the tongue-in-cheek.
The new network offers a series of “firsts” for the American Desi community – Seven days/week in Primetime to 50+ million people, American Desi-themed shows; animated children’s fare in English; a multi-generational lifestyle talk show for women; cutting-edge teen shows; a sports news and magazine show showcasing international and American sports; interview programs; a late-night American Desi comedy block; Desi and inter racial wedding themed shows with Bollywood and Hollywood rounding out the mix.
“In keeping with our commitment to offer best in class programming services that meet the needs of all of our discerning viewers, CoLours TV is very proud to become the new home of Pan Desi,” said Tracy Winchester, President/CEO of CoLours TV. “It is a natural fit for CoLours TV to add Pan Desi everyday in prime time to our strong line-up, serving the English-language South Asians in America,” said Arthur O. Thomas, Executive Vice President of CoLours TV.
The sponsor-supported Pan Desi network promises to be very attractive to marketers, as the Desi market is young and affluent according to the latest US Census data, which states that Desi households in the United States have median income 50% higher than for all US households.
Pan Desi ( is available on CoLours TV during prime time (9 PM) every night (8 Central). For additional channel information or to learn more about CoLours TV please visit



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