Organizers of the 3rd Annual Pakistani Student Association Culture Show

From Left : PSA Presidents - Vageha Khan (UCI), Sabeen Chawla (USC), Imran Ahmed Sayeedi (UCLA), Sher Ali Khan (UCR) and Shalra Hameed (UCLA)

Pakistani-Americans are an enterprising lot and have made their mark in various fields in the US. The younger generation too has shown extraordinary spark and excelled in academic as well as extra-curricular activities. Indisputably, they have demonstrated a manifest zest to promote a better understanding of Pakistan, its history, heritage, and culture in the States.
The Pakistani student associations at the various schools and universities have served a great role in bringing the youth of Pakistan together. Pakistan Link is proud of its association with the various Pakistan student associations including the PSA at USC, UCI, UCLA, and UCR.
Most recently, Pakistan Link is proud to be the Grand Sponsor of the cultural show that is being organized by these student associations. This show will be held on March 30 at the USC Bovard Auditorium.
 Below is a brief introduction to the enterprising PSA Presidents whose strivings have made it possible to organize the show.

Vageha Khan

Vageha Khan is a third year student at UC Irvine and she plans on graduating in the spring of 2009 as an English major with a minor in Sociology. She is President of the Pakistani Student Association at UCI and is dedicated to expand the club and nurture its members while giving back to the greater Pakistani community.
PSA at UCI has one of the largest PSA populations in the area and has provided many opportunities for its members to showcase their passion for their heritage and culture through group dinners, picnics, charity functions, and outings.
When Vageha started school at UCI, PSA was a smaller club with about twenty members and the caring and welcoming environment she received her freshmen year encouraged her to become an active member of PSA. This year, PSA has grown to quadruple its population from Vageha’s freshmen year and it is her goal to try and provide the same welcoming environment to its current members so that it may encourage the club to grow in name and number and also so that future PSA leaders to come forth and become actively involved in their heritage and culture.
Vageha wants to go on to law school after UCI and hopes to utilize her networking through PSA to help her community members in the future.

Sabeen Chawla

Sabeen Chawla is the President of the Pakistani Students Association at the University of Southern California (USC).  Sabeen will be graduating from USC in May 2008 with a degree in Biological Sciences and in Health & Humanity. Her time at USC has been spent maintaining academic pursuits while exploring social, cultural and philanthropic interests. She has gained experience in balancing demanding roles in the Pakistani Students Association, Student Government, hospital volunteering and other extracurricular activities. Sabeen was one of the co-founders of the Pakistani Students Association at USC in 2006, and now works with a PSA executive board of 6 other members to ensure the development and success of the organization.  The Pakistani Students Association at USC caters to both undergraduate and graduate students interested in exploring Pakistani culture.

Imran Ahmed Sayeedi

Imran Ahmed Sayeedi - UCLA President
Born and raised in California, Imran Ahmed Sayeedi is a 4th year pre-med student at UCLA majoring in biology. As PSA president, he has coordinated multiple successful community service events at UCLA, including Feed the Homeless night.
He has also worked with Indian Student Union (ISU) to co-host UCLA’s South Asian Heritage Week 2008, which included a conference for South Asian political speakers, a religious forum, South Asian musical concert, open mic night, and PSA Fashion Show Banquet.
He has focused on uniting Pakistani students across southern California, and has worked with UC Riverside’s first PSA president Sher Ali Khan to make UC Riverside the newest addition to the UC-PSA intercollegiate network.

Sher Ali Khan

Sher Ali Khan is the founder and president of the Pakistani Student Association at UC Riverside. The club was started in January with the hope of fostering awareness about Pakistan.
This last year, he has been involved in various projects with Amnesty International, in a hope to bring awareness about Pakistan. On a personal level, he has written for his school newspaper and des magazine. While studying for a degree in politics and economics, Sher Ali plans on working to become a lawyer in the future.

Shalra Hameed

UCLA Co-President of Pakistani Student Association.
3rd Year Psychobiology major, pre-med.
Also, a Student Director for the UMMA Clinic and Chemistry Tutor.



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