CAIR-LA Sponsors T-shirt Contest

CAIR- Greater Los Angeles Area is sponsoring a t-shirt contest. We want to see any idea, thought, saying, graphic, slogan, image, play on words, figure of speech, graphic design you've had, created or even put down on paper! We are looking for a unique, creative design that embodies the essence of CAIR. We know this is a challenging task, so here are some thoughts to help guide you:
"I'm Muslim....don't panic!"
"Airport Security is my BFF"
"Brother, your beard isn't long enough"
Be creative, use your imagination, and have fun! Just keep it clean and thought-provoking. The deadline is May 7th, 2008. The winner will be announced on CAIR's Entertainment Night on June 7th, with the winning t-shirt ready to be bought and worn!
Contest Rules and Regulations: Deadline is May 7th; When sending submission, please state your: Name, Address, Contact number, and E-mail address; Submissions must be in JPEG and there must be an original Illustrator file, We also request a mock-up of design on shirt; the design will be on the front of the shirt; must be Southern California Resident; all submissions  become property of CAIR and can be used in future by CAIR; You may only submit your design to one competition; Use a maximum of four (4) colors for your design - no gradients or transparent layers are allowed; keep the design off the seams; remember the design must be your own original unpublished work and must not contain any third-party logos, trademarks or copyrighted material.



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