Urdu Cultural Society Celebrates Yom-e Dagh 

Board members and guests (from left to right): TOP ROW: Zia Khan, Zafar Karimi (President-UCS), Syed Allah Baksh (Chairman-UCS), Shaer-e-Waqat Abdul Rehman Saaz, Tabish Khanzada, Raj Kumar Kais,Vinod Kumar, and Afzal Sarbuland. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Tabish and Mrs. Meera Kumar

On April 12, 2008 the Urdu Cultural Society, Inc. Los Angeles celebrated Yom-e-Daagh.  It was a day in remembrance of Nawab Mirza Khan Daagh (1831-1905), .an outstanding Urdu poet famous for his ghazals.
Yom-e Dagh  was held at The Village Restaurant in Anaheim, CA.  Poets, writers and prominent community members from various walks of life attended the program in great number and thoroughly enjoyed the evening’s proceedings.
The program was divided into two sessions.  Session one was devoted to speeches on Daagh's  ghazals, tarz-e-kalam, achievements, and contribution to Urdu.  Shaer-e Waqt Abdul Rehman Saaz presented a paper eloquently summing up Daagh’s poetical contributions. He was followed by Raj Kumar Khais. 
The session turned out to be a great opportunity for the audience to learn about Daagh Dehelvi, an outstanding poet of Urdu ghazal. 
Session two comprised of Mushairah, in which eminent poets participated and presented their kalam.

From left: Zia Khan, Dr. Naseem Malik, and Meera Kumar

The Urdu Cultural Society, Inc. has been devotedly working for the promotion of the Urdu language in the US since 1993. To achieve this laudable objective, the Society has established ‘Ghalib Library’ with over 400 books on Urdu literature. It has also launched  into circulation ‘Sadaa Magazine’ and ‘Karvaan Magazine’.  The Society has been consistently sponsoring seminars, workshops, social gatherings and other literary activities to promote the cause of Urdu in the United States and abroad. The Society. has chapters in several cities throughout the US and overseas.
The Urdu Cultural Society, Inc. is a non-religious, non-political, non-bias and non-profit organization working firmly on the principles of  a democratic organization: it operates under a Board of Directors.  The Society’s operational expenses are covered through membership fees and public donations.  Any correspondence to the Urdu Cultural Society, Inc. can be addressed at P. O. Box 3192, Burbank, California 91508.



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