“Boishakhi Mela” Celebrated in Sacramento
Report and photos by Ras H. Siddiqui

Popular songs add to the gaiety of the Mela’s proceedings

A “Boishakhi Mela” or Bengali New Year Festival was held at Natomas High School in Sacramento, California on April 12 with a great deal of fanfare. Although this area cannot boast of a large Bengali population (unlike the Punjabis), it was still very interesting to observe the enthusiasm shown by the Bangladeshis and Indian Bengalis present at this colorful event which ended up as quite a party. 
Bengali foods were a hot attraction here as delicious delicacies such as Ilish Mach (Hilsa fish), Daal Bhat

Enjoying meal and company

and especially Jhal Muri attracted many customers along with other standard South Asian dishes. Bengali Mishti (sweets) also retained quite a following as authentic Chom Chom and Roshgolla were outstanding.
Bengali culture is rich in dance and theatre. Kids and adults all participated in entertaining visitors via songs and stage performances dressed up in the golden colors of the land. This was a secular event with Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and some locals participating enthusiastically.
A Happy New Year from Bengalis living in Sacramento. This year is especially joyous as the train service between Bangladesh and Indian Bengal has resumed after 42 years.



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