PHDF/AFHD Board Members Announce Second Donation
of $ 100,000

For achieving the 8th Millennium Development Goal (MDG, i.e. “Global Partnerships”), NCHD aims to mobilize the financial as well as intellectual resources of the Pakistani Diaspora. Corporate and various donor agencies like GSK, Shell, Bill Gates & Melinda Foundation, WHO, UNICEF and UNESCO have joined the cause by funding the programs of NCHD. Fund raising events are held all over the world, with major ones in the US through American Fund for Human Development (AFHD), which besides raising funds for NCHD’s activities, also help to create awareness for MDGs.
Recently, existing PHDF/AFHD board members from the US, Mr. Pervaiz Lodhie, Mr. Najeeb Ghauri and Mr. Shoaib Kothawala announced their second donation of $ 100,000 each. It is due to the commitment and support of such expatriate Pakistanis that NCHD/PHDF has so far succeeded in raising US $ 26 million globally for its grassroots projects in Pakistan.
NCHD is currently operational in all districts of Pakistan, including FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas), FANA (Federal Administered Northern Areas,) and AJK (Azad Jammu & Kashmir). Since 2002, NCHD has enrolled 7.87 million previously out-of-school children (5-7 year old) in primary schools and established over 120,000 Adult Literacy Centers (with 95% learners being female) all over Pakistan.



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