Pakistani-American Journalist Wins Award for Best Blog
By Khalid Hasan

Washington, DC: Pakistani-American Faiz Shakir and his co-author Amanda Terkel have won the Sidney Hillman Foundation’s best blog award for their blog,
 Talking to the South Asia Journalists’ Association (SAJA), he said, “To have our work recognized as journalism is a great testament to the increasing reliability and influence of the blog-o-sphere. I'm not sure if that's an honor for us, or a blow to traditional journalism. Either way, I'll take it.”
Shakir is the research director at the Center for American Progress and serves as editor-in-chief of and The Progress Report. He holds degrees from Harvard University and the Georgetown Law Center and has previously worked as a research associate for the Democratic National Committee, as a legislative aide to Florida Senator Bob Graham on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, and as a communications aide in the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (Courtesy Daily Times)



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