Shalimar Garden Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Mothers
By Iraj Siddiqi

Pictures above: Glimpses of the Mother’s Day celebrations at the Shalimar Gardens

‘Mom’ is a title that holds much honor, love, and respect. Mother’s Day is an important tradition; it is a designated time to show mothers everywhere that they are loved and admired. Although this one-day event may not do justice to all that they do, Shalimar Garden Restaurant in Pomona put up a great effort to extend well-deserved recognition to mothers. It turned out to be an enjoyable evening for many, many families.
Many chose to begin their Mother’s Day festivities at Shalimar Garden this year. The fortunate group enjoyed a lunchtime affair complete with musical entertainment. Mothers in the audience seemed to revel in their glory as they were raised on a pedestal and praised for all of their support, hard-work, and sustained contributions over the years. Poems dedicated to mothers as well as mother-themed songs were shared. Each mother was also presented with a chocolate rose that added to the gaiety created by beautiful flower arrangements throughout the restaurant.
Along with the physical splendor, the banquet hall also boasted a spirit of love and affection. Mothers as well as all others in attendance were in wonderful spirits that complimented the exquisite occasion. Shalimar Garden’s cuisine was its usual best and Azra Malik, Seema Arshad Ali, Irfan Murtaza, and Ashraf Ali, amongst others sang songs and presented poems throughout the day. Ashraf Ali put forth his usual charm in emceeing and holding the audience in captivation for endless hours. Mr. and Mrs. Rashid Siddiqi of Shalimar Garden were thankful to prominent community members including Arif Mansoori, Mohammed Kalam, Irfan Murtaza, Rehana Qamar, Sufia Altaf, and Naeem Javaid who attended with their families and made the event a huge success as well as a day for everyone to remember.
Shalimar Garden arranged a great function for families to enjoy; families were thankful to have found a perfect way to celebrate the memorable day. The guests left late in the evening and were happy to have celebrated the Mothers Day in a picturesque setting and in a befitting manner. They looked forward to returning soon (perhaps, for the Asif Ali concert on May 31st!)




Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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