Multicultural Fundraiser for the KeepIrvineGreatTeam
By Anila Ali

Pictures above: Glimpses of the fundraiser organized by different multicultural communities of Irvine at the residence of Dr. Mansoor and Mrs. Fiza Shah

The city of Irvine is known and admired for its diverse population. This singular feature of the city was manifestly evident at the recent fundraiser organized by different multicultural communities of Irvine. They included the Pakistani, the Persian, the Armenian, the Indian, and the Asian communities of Irvine.

Dr. Mansoor and Mrs. Fiza Shah hosted the fundraiser at their home in Shady Canyon, Irvine. The Shahs opened up their home to supporters of the candidates because of their commitment to keeping Irvine “Great”.

The four candidates - Mayor Beth Krom, Councilman Larry Agran, Mayor ProTem Sukhee Kang, and Todd Gallinger - are all running to keep the majority in the City Council. They recounted their achievements which included signing of the historic 1988 Open Space Agreement which permanently preserved about 16,000 acres of parklands and open-space, killing the El Toro Airport initiative and building the Orange County Great Park, welcoming the Islamic Center of Irvine to the city when cities like Mission Viejo had rejected it, introducing the recycling program, making Irvine the safest city for four  years in a row, keeping Irvine fiscally sound with almost $20 million in reserves, and supporting the schools.

It was heart-warming to note that the candidates come from the three great Abrahamic faiths - Christianity, Judaism, and Islam with Todd Gallinger being the first Muslim to run for the City Council of Irvine. It is this commitment to embracing diversity that makes this team unique, popular and well loved by all the communities in and around Irvine.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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