PAKPAC Files Amicus Curiae Brief in Civil Rights Case for Detained Pakistani


The Pakistani-American Public Affairs Committee has joined in the filing of an amicus curiae brief with the Supreme Court in support of Respondent Javaid Iqbal in, Iqbal v. Ashcroft (No. 07-1015).

A PAKPAC message says: “Javaid Iqbal is a Pakistani citizen of the Pakistani Heritage, a Muslim who, along with thousands of other Arab and Muslim men in New York City and elsewhere was rounded up and detained – with little or no right to see or speak to counsel, family, or friends, with almost daily violations of his rights to freedom of religion and against cruel and inhuman treatment, to due process, and to equal protection of the laws – in the months following September 11.  Respondent Iqbal seeks to hold those responsible, including former Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller, for implementing and approving of the policies that resulted in his abuse, mistreatment, and resulting damages.

 “This is a hallmark civil rights case with broad implications on petitioners who seek accountability of our leaders.  Should the Court adopt the view of the government it would create a de facto absolute immunity from suit for high-level government officials who engage in conduct violating clearly established law. PAKPAC believes that people with any and every background in the United States deserve due process and protections from abuse in accordance with the Constitution. If and when any individual, or group or agency is involved in unethical, wrongful practices including the use of torture, the people within the society need to stand up.  With this principle in mind and understanding the critical nature of having to take a stand against wrongful actions by anyone, PAKPAC has joined in to stand by this victim of torture.  The Pakistani-American Public Affairs Committee is the only organization of Pakistani heritage that has taken this stand and has joined in a legal battle at this time.  The case is scheduled for oral arguments on December 10, 2008 …”




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