PAL-C Looks Forward to Continued Engagement with Obama-Led Administration

Washington, DC: “The Pakistani American Leadership Center (PAL-C) extends its congratulations to President-Elect Obama on his win on November 4th. PAL-C engaged with both Presidential campaigns on a number of issues of concern to the Pakistani American community and we are now encouraged to see the fruits of that effort, in particular, President-Elect Obama's early moves towards closing down Guantanamo Bay and Obama and Vice President-Elect Biden's plan to triple non-security aid to Pakistan,” says a PAL-C Press Release.

It adds: “Both moves indicate a serious commitment to fulfilling Obama's slogan of ‘Change We Can Believe In’ by taking strong and positive steps to repair America's role as a leader in the areas of justice, human rights, and promoting freedom.
“As PAL-C continues to engage and work with President-Elect Obama's staff, we look forward to growing this relationship and co-developing positive policies and partnerships that best serve America and the world.
“PAL-C would also like to congratulate the South Asian-American and Muslim American communities who turned out in record numbers at the polls and voted and participated in this historic election. By voting and participating in the democratic electoral process, we have guaranteed ourselves a stronger voice at the table and in the decision-making process of American policies. Yes We Can, Yes We Did.”




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