Grand Mushaira in Silicon Valley
By Riaz Haq

As in the prior years, Silicon Valley Aligharians celebrated Sir Syed Day with a Grand Mushaira (Urdu Poetry Recital) that attracted well-known South Asian Urdu poets along with the budding local talent. The well-established annual Mushaira tradition of Aligarh Muslim University Alumni Association brings together the Urdu literati and the Silicon Valley digerati in a one-of-a-kind gathering of Indians and Pakistanis in San Francisco Bay Area.
The venue for this year's event was the Indian Community Center of Silicon Valley and the food was catered by the local Chandni restaurant owned by a Pakistani gentleman. The event remembers and recounts the great contributions made by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, the founder of Aligarh Muslim University, toward the modern education of Muslims of South Asia.
Pakistan's well-known poet Himayat Ali Shair presided over the event and shared the stage with Popular Meeruthi from India, known for his unmatched humor delivered in his own unique style, along with Azhar Inayati (India), Shahnaz Noor (Pakistan), A. Abdullah (Washington DC), Nausha Asrar (Houston), Tashie Zaheer (Silicon Valley) and Mahnaz Naqvi (Silicon Valley).
Here are a few lines and a couple of audio clips and still images that I captured to share with you:
Yad Anay Lagey Chacha Ghalib
Ya Ilahi Yeh Majra Kiya Hai
Tarta Hoon Her Aik Ladki Ko
Warna Ankhon Ka Faida Kiya Hai
Popular Meeruthi

Popular Meeruthi Video Link
Kab Tak Insay Saya Milta Aakhir Per Paray Thay
Apnay Aagan Mein Hum Per Lagana Bhool Gaey

Tashee Zaheer

Jo Ho Sakay To Kabhi Hamari Mohabbaton Ka Shumar Karna
Adawaton Ka Shumar Karna Shikayaton Ka Shumar Karna

Mehnaz Naqvi
Mehnaz Naqvi Tashee Zaheer Video Link




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