Fundraiser for Stranded Pakistanis


When: Saturday November 29, 2008    

Time:5:00pm - 9:30 pm

 Where: ADAMS CENTER, 46903 Sugar land Road, Sterling, Virginia

 Fundraising to help Stranded Pakistanis who have been living in sub-human and deplorable conditions since December 16th, 1971 in 67 Refugee camps: The objective of this fundraiser is to provide education, economic empowerment, and better living conditions etc.

Keynote speaker: Dr. Habib Ashruf, Baltimore   


Planner & Organizer:

 (703) 444-2971 Cell: (703) 309-2305

Sponsor: Dr Yaqub Mirza, President,  

Marjac Corporation, Herndon, VA

Coordinator: Dr. Syed Ismail      

(757) 867-1145   cell    (757) 784-5455

If unable to attend, please send your tax-deductible (IRS ID# 47-0946122) contribution check payable to               OBAT Helpers, Inc. Mail to:  212 East Main St., P.O. Box 360 Plainfield,      IN  46168


For further information, call any one of the following:

Ehtesham Arshad (224) 628-1076 (Chicago)

Khalid Kamal (281) 496-7292 (Houston)

Anwar Khan (317) 332-5114(Indianapolis)

 Nayyer Jahan    (310) 864-8738 (Los Angeles)





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