Tar Family Brings Dubai to Los Angeles, Courtesy Donald Trump
By Shaikh Majeed

Pictures above: Glimpses of the dinner hosted by Yousuf, Shehzaad and Imtiaz Tar at their residence to launch the Trump Dubai and Nakheel project

Bel Air, CA: Donald Trump introduced a scintillating Dubai real estate showcase on Saturday night at a grand dinner hosted by Yousuf Tar, Imtiaz Tar and Shehzaad Tar. The party took place at the massive Tar estate in Bel Air, where Donald Trump introduced Trump International Hotel & Tower Dubai. It was an exciting way to get publicity for his latest, attractive and ambitious real estate project being executed in partnership with Naches, a development company.
A large number of celebrities were invited to the dinner. They reached the Tar residence by limos and their personal cars, and were shuttled along with other distinguished guests from the UCLA parking lot to the palatial Tar mansion. The celebrities and VIP guests posed for the media before entering the Tar residence.
The residence presented a majestic look. The setting was gorgeous and truly regal.  It seemed like every palm tree was highlighted in gorgeous blue lighting featured with Dome Theater with models and 360-degree video projection of the Dubai project.
Donald and Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, his partner in the project, explained how the man-made islands had become a pressing necessity as Dubai  reaches new heights of popularity. Donald mentioned how successful his partner Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem  had been. He said the event was  a celebration of success and sales were doing better than any other real estate project in the Middle East. The Trump Dubai is expected to open by 2010.
Over 1000 guests attended the party, according to Shehzaad Tar the host. Wolfgang Puck personally took care of catering: the food was superb and delicious with a huge selection of food, dessert and drinks. Christina Aguilar came out to perform with five songs for which she was reportedly paid $750,000.
Later Donald took a tour of the Tar residence in the company of Ivanka and Donny Jr. and members of the Tar family. He appeared visibly impressed by the majestic mansion.
The other celebrities that evening included Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles, Jim Belushi, Hayden Penetierre, Tom Arnold, Pte wentz, Hilary Swank, Demi Moor, Omarosa, P. Daddy, Adrian Grenier,  and Wayne Gretzsky.
After Christina’s performance everyone left and was handed over a briefcase that included a Donald Trump logo ipod. WOW!!!
Donald Trump is a family friend of Yousuf, Shehzad and Imtiaz Tar.




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