Irfan Murtaza's Dhanak Kay Rang Aur Tum  Launched
A Pakistan Link Report
Pictures by YKKB

“Dhanak Kay Rang Aur Tum,” the fourth compilation of Irfan Murtaza’s poetry, was launched at a colorful ceremony at the Crown Plaza Hotel, Fullerton, on August 23. The inaugural ceremony was organized by Pakistan Link and Dostaan-e-Irfan.
Marked by jovial, witty remarks and a spirit of camaraderie vividly demonstrated by members of the Urdu Writers Society – Mohammad Kalam, Arif Mansuri, Asif Syed, Hadi Raza Khan, Rohaida Khan, Nasreen Afshan and Abida Ahmed – the inauguration ceremony turned out to be a riveting literary feast. The highly appreciative audience sat spellbound, as if in a trance, as the inaugural proceedings progressed. As an expression of his deep admiration for Irfan, Pakistan Link’s Managing Editor Arif Mansuri performed the nizamat of the mushaira and the inaugural ceremony along with Younus Ijaz.
Consul General Syed Ibne Abbas, Professor Jazib Qureshi, Yunus Aijaz, Asifa Nishat, and Khalid Irfan paid glowing tributes to the literary genius of Irfan.
In their writings appearing in the souvenir brought out on the occasion other notable poets paid their tribute to Irfan. Said Mohsin Ahsan. “… Dollaron ki dil moh laenae wali sar zamin maen usae apni zamin ki yaad satati rehti hae. Who Los Angeles jaesae hangama parwar aur pur ronaq shaer maen bhi khood ko tanha mehsoos karta hae. Keats nae aapnae khat maen kahin likkha thaa, ‘I am in London and alone.’ Yehi hal Irfan Murtaza ka hae. He is in LA and alone. Yeh almia hamarae har oos bhai ka hae jo talash sakoon aur justajao ae maash behtar zindagi guzarnae kae liyae nikalta hae. Woh to usae miljata hae lekin rooh kae andar apnon kae bicharnae aur khakae watan sae door honae ka dukh undar sae zakham zakham karta rehta hae. Irfan Murtaza nae is dukh ka izhar apni ghazal maen jagah jagah kiya hae…”

Himayat Ali Shair wrote: “ … Aap waqaiee aek mohabat bhara dil rakhtar haen. Khush naseeb hae woh naes is dil maen basera kiya. Aur khush naseeb haen aap jinhaen woh nahin milee, warna yeah nazmaen wajood maen nahin aatin…”
Irfan’s two sons Shawn Murtaza and Bilal Murtaza born of his Caucasian American wife Aisha, also paid tributes to their father. They spoke in chaste Urdu, a proof of harmony and understanding that seem to reign at home, and the importance that the family attaches to Urdu. “Hamaen apnea Baba par bohat fakhr hae,” said the elder one. The deportment, demeanor and show of respect of the two boys for their father were strikingly in accord with the behavioral pattern of devoted sons in good Pakistani families. Both Irfan and Aisha, the latter in particular, deserve a word of praise on this count.
The family is a perfect blend of the best values of the East and the West.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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