AMA Grieves Imam Warith Deen Mohammed's Death 


Washington, DC: The American Muslim Alliance (AMA) has expressed its profound sorrow at the death of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed who played a historic role in brining most members of the Nation of Islam into the fold of the universal Ummah.
Imam Mohammed was the keynote speaker at AMA's 1998 annual national convention in New York.  

An AMA statement in part reads:
"While we send our heartfelt condolence to Imam Mohammed's family, we also mourn a huge loss to the entire American Muslim community.
"Imam Mohammed's subtle and sagacious efforts in uniting various factions of Nation of Islam remain vastly unacknowledged and unappreciated.   
"Imam Mohammed is widely respected for promoting amity, understanding and harmony among Muslims and among Muslims and non-Muslims.

"The best tribute to Imam Mohammed's historic role is to continue his legacy of making dawah without ever offending or alienating anyone.”
AMA was founded in 1993 with the main purpose of organizing the Muslim American community in the mainstream public affairs, civic discourse and party politics all across the United States. As a nationwide community we must organize ourselves nationwide: in every state and every congressional district. It is our mission to organize Muslims in all fifty states and have an AMA chapter in each of the 435 Congressional Districts. Currently, AMA has 101 chapters in 34 states, says an AMA message.
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