ILF Holds Inauguration Luncheon for Orange County Advisory Board
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Pictures by Faiz Ahmed

Glimpses of the ILF inauguration luncheon. In the picture on top right Anila Ali is flanked by Adnan Khan and Chiling Tong

Arcadia, CA: The International Leadership Foundation (ILF) held an Inauguration Luncheon for its Orange County Advisory Board. The ILF is a non-profit organization that promotes civic awareness, encourages involvement and enhances the effectiveness of Asian Americans. ILF’s mission is to help the Asian American community get more involved in leadership and government.

Based in Washington DC for the past 16 years, ILF has been preparing future leaders of America by providing them a practical knowledge of how our government and legislative processes work. In the early 1990’s, ILF’s founder, Joel Szabat, understood the need for Asian American involvement in government. He believed that civic engagement would enhance their position in American society. Joel’s baton is now held by his inspirational wife, Chiling Tong, a prominent Chinese American activist based in DC. Chiling is devoting her time and energy to support the dreams and aspirations of many Asian American youth. Together, Joel and Chiling, connect the Asian Americans to the government that is supposed to serve them. With her selfless efforts, she leads the way for young Asians to become future leaders of American government and corporate America.

Each year, the ILF arranges leadership seminars and gives fellowships to over 30 fellows and places them in federal government agencies. Moreover, it provides leadership training to hundreds of Asian American college students from across the United States.

This year the ILF has added an Orange County Chapter. Chiling Tong announced the appointment of the first Pakistani-American to its Advisory Board.

“I would like to introduce Anila Ali our new ILF Advisor for Orange County, California.

“Anila has been very actively involved in the community; she was engaged in the Obama campaign and she and her community supported the milestone elections of President Obama and Sukhee Kang, the first Asian mayor of the city of Irvine.”

Chiling Tong presented Anila Ali with an award as a welcoming gesture to the ILF’s advisory board.

Chiling Tong also introduced Daniyal Ali, a young Pakistani American, as a recipient of this year’s ILF Fellowship award. Daniyal has been an outstanding student of University High School, Irvine, and is presently a second year engineering major at UCLA’s Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Sciences with a stellar GPA and a commitment to public service.

Also present were the new members of the ILF Advisory Board of OC; Council of Pakistan American Affairs (COPAA 0 president Mr Adnan Khan, COPAA Board member Mrs.Gazala Adaya Shauk. Hamid Malik, a businessman and community leader, will also serve on the advisory board of the ILF.

“This is a great opportunity for us to get the Pakistani Youth engaged in civic awareness. We need to inculcate a sense of volunteerism in our community. Our induction into ILF’s board will help us lead the way for Pakistani youth to becomes future leaders of our country,” commented Mr. Adnan Khan.

The ILF is like a family; once you become a fellow the ILF monitors your progress and guides you. If you decide to run for government, the ILF will support you, informed Chiling Tong.

“My appointment as an advisor marks the beginning of a very exciting opportunity for our community, especially our youth. The dedication to which the ILF advisors serve the Asian American community is remarkable. We are honored and very fortunate to have been included,” said Anila Ali.

The inauguration of the OC chapter will be held on April 28, 2008 when the founder Joel Szabat visits Los Angeles.

For more information contact the COPAA website.


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