Most Publicized Airport Profiling Case Goes to Trial

A case that will impact people like you every time you step on an airplane is expected to be decided in federal court this year, says a CAIR message. It adds:
In November 2006, six imams were removed from a US Airways flight in Minneapolis, allegedly because some of them had prayed in the airport terminal.
Because of the way they were treated, they are suing US Airways and other entities who participated in taking them off the flight, detaining them and denying them further service. The case is slated to go to trial this year and will serve as a critical battleground for protecting the rights of Muslims as airline passengers.
Do you remember how these six imams were defamed and accused in the court of public opinion following their humiliating experience? But now, in a court of law, these false accusations are crumbling.
The good news: both the facts and the law are on the side of the imams. We have already won several preliminary victories. (For more information, click here.) However, fighting these important battles against a Fortune 500 company like US Airways is no easy task and can be expensive. But when everyone does his or her part, success becomes near.
This is truly a historic case of momentous proportion that will impact not just the imams’ civil rights but the civil rights of you, your children, and every Muslim in America. The civil rights history of our country shows how great change often results from individual cases. We believe the six imams’ case is one that must be won.
CAIR has supported this critical discrimination case from the beginning. Now, the Muslim Legal Fund of America (MLFA) is helping to raise funds for the imams’ defense. Please help their experienced litigation team by making a tax deductible donation to ensure that the six imams and the Muslim community have their day in court.
Let’s make no mistake about it -- we support safety and security in aviation, but we do no tolerate removing people from airplanes just because of their faith or ethnicity.
As always, we count on your sincere prayers to Almighty God that He bless and accept our efforts as we strive for justice and respect for the six imams and for all people.
$300,000 is needed to continue successfully litigating this case. CAIR invites supporters of the imams’ case to do their part. This case is critical for the civil liberties of not only the imams but of all Muslims who should be free of stigmatization and targeting.
Every prayer and donation makes a difference.
Please support this case by making a tax deductible donation to:
Muslim Legal Fund of America
833 E. Arapaho Road, Ste 209
Richardson, TX 75081


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