Irvine Pakistani Parents Association Holds Inaugural Meeting

IPPA Board members

The schools in Irvine are renowned for the quality of education they provide, the enrichment programs they offer, and for the overall support they have of a vibrant and involved community.

The Irvine Public School Foundation, a non-profit organization whose goal is to support the school of Irvine Unified School District, encourages community participation and engagement in all that it does to support the IUSD.

Anila Ali, who was elected as a board member on the IPSF late year, inspired by the well-established Irvine Korean Parents Association, felt the need to organize the Pakistani parents of Irvine. “ Pakistani community in Irvine has grown in the last decade. It’s very important for us to get united and to have a platform to have a voice, and promote our culture through the arts. Another important aspect is to get Pakistani parents mobilized and engaged in their child’s education so that they can give back to the community they live in.”

With those goal in mind, Irvine parents came together to create an association by the name of Irvine Pakistani Parents Association. The IPPA held its first inaugural meeting and established its goals and mission. The members of the association also chose their leadership team:

President: Farah Ahmed

Vice President: Sumara Aziz

Secretaries: Nelofer Mirza and Moneeza Mirza

Treasurer: Farzana Ahmed


The association is open to any parent who shares its mission and goals. The first event the association is planning is the Chand Raat Mela.

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