History at Capitol Hill

Washington, DC: History was made last Friday when the congregational Friday prayers were held in the highest seat of legislation – the Gold Room of the Rayburn Hall of the Capitol Hill (US Parliament) at the prayer break during the two-day 10th International Kashmir Peace Conference organized by the Kashmiri American Council, Washington.
Hats off to the free democratic spirit of the United States in which everyone is free to profess and practice any faith.
The prayers were led by Prof. Ghulam Rasool Malik, former Professor and Head of English Department, Kashmir University, Srinagar who also spoke briefly on the occasion.

He said that while the glorious civilization of America has touched the highest peaks as far as the materialistic side is concerned, on the spiritual side there is a serious dearth. Real peace of mind is not attainable unless one turns to the source of all grace – God Almighty. It is to renew this contact with the Ultimate Reality that Muslims perform Salah (prayers) five times a day.

He also said that the clash of civilizations was not Islamically tenable. Islam believes in reconciliation of faiths and cooperation between all shades of opinion. The salvation of mankind lies in combining the spiritual heritage of the East with the prodigious scientific power of the West for the betterment of mankind.

He also said that Muslims in America had a challenge and an opportunity before them. They should try to become true embodiments of Islam’s message of spiritual purity and unity of mankind.



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