`Tis The Season to Be Safe ­-Southern California Edison Offers Holiday Safety Tips

With the arrival of the holiday season, Southern California Edison (SCE) encourages customers to be safe by providing a few simple tips to help you stay out of harm's way this holiday season. The decorative lighting we utilize during this time of year is more important to monitor than any other time. "We're encouraging our customers to enjoy this special time of the year, but also be mindful of the precautions that should be taken to reassure safety," says Charles Basham, SCE's manager of public safety.

As you begin preparing for the holiday season, we remind you to follow these important safety tips: · Keep electrical connections off the ground and away from moisture. Water and electricity are a deadly combination.

· When hanging lights, make sure staples, tacks and nails do not pierce or pinch wires. Use plastic zip cords instead.

· Do not use lighted candles on trees or decorations.

· Check all indoor and outdoor decorative lighting for worn cords, broken wires and loose connections.

· Change bulbs only when the lights are unplugged.

· Keep indoor trees well watered so they will not dry out and become fire hazards.

· Keep lights away from carpeting, furniture, drapes and other flammable materials.

· Use only three strands of lights per electrical cord or outlet.
An overload could cause a short circuit and a fire.

· Unplug lights and extension cords when you leave home or go to bed. Use a timer so they are on only during the hours you select, which can also help you save energy.

Before you decorate for the holiday, be sure to take time to refer back to these safety tips. Decorating your homes, work places and trees safely and with energy-efficient lighting will brighten everyone's holiday.

For more holiday safety tips, please visit www.sce.com/safety.


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