Rotary International Commends Mission of Saba Homes
By Malik Salahuddin GM Saba Trust

Above: Mr Abdur Rashid Bangush (left) and Mr Aziz Memon (right)
Below: A group of students (left) and the Saba Homes (right)

Agroup of Rotary Club Governors and Presidents recently visited Saba Homes and appeared visibly impressed by what it saw. Below are comments of PDG Aziz Memon: "I have traveled the world many times and I have never seen this type of dedication anywhere. The Saba Homes building is like a fancy bungalow of exquisite quality in the selection of granite, marble, tiles, furniture and everything else. The smile on the faces of these orphan girls is truly heartwarming."

Last year, governor Aziz Memon not only committed to donate 10 lakh rupees, but also promised to campaign for Saba Homes among his friends, colleagues and relatives. Governor Aziz Memon commented that "to call this place an orphanage is a sin."

Jamsheed Badar Zahidi, Secretary of Rotary Club Karachi Creek, was so impressed with Saba Homes that he had been working tirelessly with last year Governor Aziz and Governor Usman Masood to get Saba Trust a matching grant of $30,000.

Governor Usman Masood appeared overly keem to be part of this world-class institution (Saba Homes). He wants to own part of it. He is paying for one room $7500 where he said one girl after another will live until eternity. Saba Homes will also be supported by previous Governor Shamsi inshaAllah.

Haji Iftikhar, ex-President of Rotary Pindi, said, "It's awesome. I want to own a room in my mother's name."

He immediately wrote a check for 5 lakh rupees. "Saba Homes is not only a leader in taking care of orphans but with its innovative beginning it has changed the concept of orphanage forever." Haji Iftikhar was certain that the Saba Homes example is so impressive that others will emulate this fantastic and truly Islamic way of taking care of orphans.

Haji Iftikhar's generosity is truly a great contribution for Saba Homes.
During his recent visit he took upon himself the responsibility of having all names of donors and pioneers engraved on marble. He is also going to purchase the marble for future donors and others along with a marble plate for each room for the donors. He is a man who will not compromise on quality and this task will cost a few lakh rupees.

Rtn. Egnr Abdur Rashid Bangash, Past President (2007-08) of Rotary Club of Islamabad Metropolitan, along with his vice president Rtn. Engr. Dr.
William N. Appleton Architect/Town Planner from Germany, visited Saba Homes earlier and participated in a seminar. They were highly impressed to see the administrative/financial arrangements and efforts put in to accomplish the task of career planning of the orphan girls. They pledged to assist financially/technically through the German embassy to promote the noble cause of Saba Homes.

It is worth mentioning that Saba Homes (Homes of Orphans) is an institution which fosters and inculcates leadership qualities in its students.
Talking to the Rotarians, the girls expressed their keenness to become professionals, doctors/engineers, commissioned officers, teachers and business women.

They wished Saba Homes all the best in their efforts.

Saba girls' peace pledge to the world: Every morning at assembly time Saba Girls take a peace pledge explained to them by the administrator.
They practice the pledge during daily life.

-- We have learned the real and true message of Islam that requires peace and love.

-- Love and respect everyone regardless of his/her religion, race or country.

-- Our relations to the world are based on love, respect and peace.

-- Our mission and vision is to work together and eliminate prejudice and hate.

-- We spread peace through knowledge and patience.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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