Shaukat Chohan Hosts Luncheon in Honor of Congressman André Carson 
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Pictures by Anwar Khawaja

Pictures above were taken at the luncheon party hosted by Mr Shaukat Ali Chohan in honor of Congressman André Carson

On Sunday, December 6, 2009 the family of Shaukat Ali Chohan hosted a luncheon party in honor of Congressman André Carson from Indiana’s 7th district at their residence. They also invited approximately 30 Muslim friends, mostly from the Orange County area.

The guests introduced themselves, and the host, Shaukat Ali Chohan, briefly addressed the gathering stating that “ America is a wonderful country, and our dream land. This is our country. This is our home now.”

  He also emphasized that every Muslim in America should strive to be highly educated and wealthy and endeavor to achieve a high position within government. We should encourage the younger generation to be motivated to achieve these goals. Mr Chohan  observed that it is critically important to support those Muslims who have made their mark and achieved a position of eminence.

He then introduced Congressman André Carson, who told the gathering about himself and his message: Muslims should get more involved in the American political system at the grassroots level.

The Congressman then addressed the youth present at the event and announced a plan to host a virtual town hall meeting for the Muslim youth throughout North America, so that they could have a forum to exchange views and interact with the Congressman directly with any questions they might have, as well as discuss the current issues in the political arena.

All in all, it was a very successful fundraising luncheon and the Congressman appeared visibly happy and encouraged by the outcome of the luncheon meeting. He promised to work closely with the group in the future.


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