An Evening with Shahzad Roy
By Tasneem Farooq Rehmani

Shahzad Roy with his fans during his performance in San Diego

What an awesome evening with the great Pakistani singer and philanthropist Shahzad Roy who had come to Chicago for receiving an award and was invited by our friend Syed Umer to the Greater San Diego area to organize a fundraiser for the Zindagi Trust at the Rehmanis’ residence.

Shahzad’s team made a splendid presentation on their Zindagi Trust which has turned a government school into a vibrant, state-of-the-art teaching institution.

The evening was highly rewarding and entertaining. The fundraiser was a sold-out event. After a warm welcome, a sumptuous dinner was served. Then a presentation was made by Tauheed and Shahzad Roy to the delight of the audience that included Syed Ibne Abbas, Consul General of Pakistan and his wife Sadaf, Hamid Malik, Geo Safeer-e-Pakistan team, and Jamal Khawaja and his wife. Old timers like Usman Sahib, Syed Imdad Ali Saleem Shah and, of course, Dr. Ansari’s family, were also present. Qualcom and Broadcom engineers living in San Diego participated in the event and contributed generously.

After the presentation the fundraiser was conducted by Javed Baghani and record funds were collected for the Zindagi Trust. The amount was well beyond our expectations. Also a bat and a guitar were auctioned and the Ansaris took away both in exchange of a record dollar amount. May Allah SWA reward all those who contributed to the great cause.

In the end Shahzad entertained the audience with his scintillating performance. After the concert guests took photos with the entertainer and his team and chatted with him and his lovely wife. We Rehmanis thank Shahzad Roy for his services to Pakistan. We also thank Syed Umer for organizing the event. The Rehmanis also wish to thank all volunteers including Syed Umer Farheen, Javiad , Saiqa Faridoun, Safi, Nadia khan, Asra, Irfan Zaman, Mohd Amin, Ayesha, Faisal and the youth Usman, Zeeshan, Ain , Arshia Rehmani, Rafay Zaman and Kinaan for their role in organizing the event.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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