A Letter to Friends and Supporters of Saba Homes


Assalamo ‘alaikum,

It is with great regret that I inform you about an unfortunate tragedy that has befallen Saba Trust, Saba Homes.

On Friday December 11, around 1:30pm, a fire erupted in our main building. Thankfully, and most importantly, no lives were lost and no one was injured. However, many of our children's items were stored in the areas affected by the fire, and those supplies and materials have all been lost to the fire . All four floors of the building have suffered damage due to the fire, smoke and also water from four fire trucks that arrived on the scene.

The trucks doused much of the building with water, because the smoke was so thick that they could not determine the exact location of the flames. The firefighters had to break windows and doors to pour water and stop the fire from spreading and put it out.

Part of Saba Homes gutted by the fire

 At a time like this, we once again appreciate the value of human life and thank God Almighty for safeguarding us. We often say that material things can always be replaced, but life cannot. This is so very true.

While we had hoped to reach out to you to simply further your support for our efforts to develop a new model for the upbringing of orphaned children in Pakistan, now we must turn to you for the more immediate need of replacing what has been lost. Any donation you can provide right away would be used to restore our building and return the Saba Homes to full operational capability.

We are often taught that no matter what befalls us, we give praise to God by saying "Al-Hamdu Lillah", for even tragedies can serve as catalysts for a brighter future. We at Saba Homes have renewed our commitment to provide a safe, healthy, and nurturing home for young children in need, and we appeal to you to share this journey with us.

Remember Saba Homes, where children are orphans no more.

It is a family. 

It is a home. 

It is a training centre.

It is educational institute.

It is leadership training program.

We treat them as we treated our two daughters Syma and Aisha.

It is not a yateem khana.

IEWS is a 501C registered in USA.  So please make your check to    I   E   W   S

(International Education & Welfare Society)

Do not make the check out to Saba Trust.


IEWS Tax ID No.33-0716944


Mail check to:

15568 Brookhurst st.Suite 359,

 Westminster CA-92683



If you like to donate online, just go to www.sabatrust. com and on your middle towards the bottom left hand side there is donate now tab just click on it, and enter the credit card information and amount. The donation goes directly towards IEWS account .



In PAKISTAN your donation can be sent to:


Account No.1000, Meezan Bank , BahriaTown branch, Rawalpindi, PAKISTAN


Account No, 0201-1352708, Sonery Bank, Cantt Branch, Rawalpindi, PAKISTAN


Mail check to :


537 Gulrez II Chakala, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.


Email:  Saghiraslam@sabatrust.org, Saghiraslam@aol.com

             Tel:  949-654-3944



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