Hamid Khan Plays Guest Host on KPFK Radio Show “Uprising”

Hamid Khan, Executive Director, South Asian Network, played “guest host” on kpfk radio show “Uprising” last Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Says Hamid:  “… as I stumbled my way through the hour long show,  it was a great reminder of the capacity of so many people doing amazing things.  It was deeply re-affirming to hear people’s commitment and solidarity.  As always the power of spoken word can never be undermined and hopefully we were able to share alternative views.   I will be sitting in again on Monday - Feb. 2nd and Wednesday Feb. 4th.   The upcoming 2 shows are 1 hour special each on Immigration on Monday and South Asia on Wednesday…”
The show is live on pacifica station kpfk 90.7 fm. and can also be streamed on kpfk.org



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