AIM Congratulates Obama's First Muslim Appointee

Washington DC: The Washington DC-based Association of Indian Muslims in America (AIM) that represents a majority of Indian Muslims who live in  the US, January 29 congratulated “one of their own who was yesterday appointed by the new US President Barrack Obama as the Deputy Associate Counsel to President.  Rashad Hussain, a 30 year old US born lawyer whose parents migrated to  the US from India and live in Plano, Texas, and who holds a law degree from the prestigious Yale University and a Masters in Public Administration degree from the renowned Harvard University, is the first Muslim American appointed by President Obama to a high position in his Administration,” says an AIM message.
 It adds: Rashad has worked extensively on Capitol Hill, the seat of the US Congress in Washington DC, both as an intern in the office of former US House of Representatives Democratic Party Leader Richard Gephardt in the summer of 2000, and as a legislative aide on the House Judiciary Committee, where he worked for a year and a half. 
In a statement “AIM thanked President Obama for appointing Rashad to a high position in the White House, despite the sometimes critical comments on the Muslim community from some Islamophobic public personalities and media in the US.”  AIM stated that it appreciates President Obama trying to implement his campaign promise of bringing more diversity in the upper echelons of the US Administration.  AIM said that it feels “particularly happy that the first high-level Muslim President Obama has appointed in his Administration, is an Indian-Muslim.”



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