Habib Alumni Celebrate 50 Years of Excellence in Education
By Anila Ali
Pictures by YKKB

The Habibians celebrate 50 years of Habib School with Senate Chairman Mohammadmian Soomro and Ambassador Hussain Haqqani at the residence of Ahmad and Parveen Ali

Senate Chairman Mohammadmian Soomro and Ambassador Husain Haqaani and many Pakistani Americans attended a reception in honor of Habib Boys School at Ahmed and Perveen Ali’s elegant home in Orange County.

Ahmed Ali welcomed the esteemed guests and informed the community of the sad demise of the father of Los Angeles Consul General, Syed Ibne Abbas. He requested the audience to observe a moment of prayers for the deceased.

Mr. Ahmed Ali thanked the Acting Consul General, Mr.Ahsan Wagan, for his presence and support. Mr. Ahmed Ali said, “This gathering is a celebration of 50 years of Habib Public School.” He recalled, “In Karachi, during my time, this was the only school that started from 8:45 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. With this type of time commitment, the students develop a bonding, a sense of responsibility, and a capability for leadership that will last them a lifetime.” It’s no wonder that Habib Public Alumni are excelling in all fields, medicine, engineering, business, sports and science. This would not have been possible without the vision of the founding family of the school, the Habib Family.

“Today’s celebratory gathering will be acknowledged in Habib Public School’s 50 th anniversary publication, ‘A Dream Turns Fifty,’ ‘ said Mr. Ahmed Ali.

Next, he introduced Ambassador Haqaani as a notable and outstanding alumni of Habib Public School, and asked him to address the eager audience.

In his stirring speech to the community, the Ambassador recalled his days at Habib Public School, paying a tribute to them. He recalled his days in Pakistan when no one was bothered about sectarianism and everyone was foremost a Pakistani. He advised the community to shun bigotry and prepare themselves for 21 st Century thinking.

“The Quaid-i-Azam was not a sunni, no one cared if Mohammad Ali Bogra wasn’t a Sunni,” he stressed. We must not poison our minds with such bigoted thoughts.

Furthermore, he urged fellow Habibians to maintain and augment the values of hard work and resolve in their lives and in their children that they learned by example from their teachers at Habib Public School. He further encouraged Pakistanis to read and write, and enhance their home libraries, equip themselves with knowledge, as that is the right way forth into the 21 st century.

Next, the audience was introduced to a most prominent and respected statesman of Pakistan, Mohammadmian Soomro. Mohammadmian Soomro has played an important part in the politics of Pakistan, holding positions such as Acting President and Prime Minister of Pakistan. As the governor of Sindh, he is aware of the excellent all-rounded education that Habib Public School provides. He thanked the Habibians for staying engaged in promoting Pakistanis.

Lastly, the evening ended with a delectable array of Pakistani food.



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