PANA Galvanizes Pak-Americans in Support of Long March  

Washington, DC:  The Pakistan American National Alliance (PANA), a US-wide coalition of independent, grassroots, Pakistani American organizations has announced its support for the Pakistani lawyer's Long March scheduled for March 12, says a PANA Press Release. It adds: 
 "We will be doing ‘City Marches’ in all major cities of the United States to show our support for the Long March in Pakistan", PANA Chair Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Toor said.
  PANA has asked community members and organization to show their support for the Long Mach aimed at restoration of the independent judiciary, reinstatement of the deposed judges, and rescission of the unconstitutional acts of Nov. 3, 2007 by Gen Musharraf, the then military ruler of Pakistan. 
 "The crux of the matter is not the reinstatement of the deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry but nullification of all unconstitutional acts of Nov 3, 2007 promulgated by Gen Musharraf," PANA founder Dr. Agha Saeed said.

The Press Release stated:

1.  ORGANIZE a press conference, meeting, rally, or march in your city in support of the Long March.
 2.  RESOLUTION: Ask your Congressperson to support Sense of the House Resolution asking the US State Department not to oppose the Pakistani civil society's movement for the restoration of the independent judiciary in Pakistan.  
 3. EMAIL: Email your letters in support of the Long March and its goals to Mr. Asif Ali Zardari @  or  urging him reinstate the deposed Chief Justice and rescind the unconstitutional orders of Nov 3. 2007.  
4. FAX: Alternately, you can also fax your letters to Mr. Zardari at any of the following fax numbers:
Fax 051-2202447, Fax 051-2282741
 5. PHONE: You can also leave a phone message for Mr. Zardari at any of the following phone numbers belonging to PPP federal and provisional information secretaries: 


051-2282781(PPP Central Office)                                     0300-8222881 (Info secretary)
051-2255264  (PPP Central Office)                                    03004012284   (Info secretary)
051-2276014  (PPP Central Office)                                   03005502914 (Info secretary)
051-9224129 (Info secretary)                                            0300-5901600 (Info secretary)
0512890660    (Info secretary)                                           0345-8321352 (Info secretary)

: You can also cc Speaker of the National Assembly Ms. Fahmida Mirza @,



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