COPAA Supports South Asian Solidarity Rally in Artesia

Dr. Razaq M Chaudhry, President, COPAA, addresses the rally

The South Asian Americans in Southern California have initiated a peace movement under the banner of Peace Loving South Asians, says a Press Release issued by the Council of Pakistan American Affairs (COPAA). It adds:  The movement encompasses two fundamental objectives:

1. To condemn terrorism worldwide, and

2. To call on all South Asians to unite and work for peace and economic prosperity in South Asia.

Prominent community activists from all the South Asian countries organized a solidarity and peace rally in Artesia on December 20, 08 under the banner of Friends of South Asian American Communities (FOSAAC). At the rally, speakers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka stressed the need to work together and defeat the evil of terror from the world and promote friendship among the South Asian countries. Increasing trade and culture exchange programs between the countries will provide the basis for a stable South Asia, thus ensuring better opportunities for nearly ¼ of the world population. The Council of Pakistan American Affairs (COPAA) actively participated in the planning of this rally. Several Board Members including Tanvir Khan, Dr. Razaq M Chaudhry, Shaista Khan, and Anila Ali spoke passionately at the rally and expressed their desire to work together with members of other South Asian countries to promote peace and prosperity in South Asia. The members of the South Asian countries agreed upon the following resolution:

 We, the people of South Asian origin hereby express our resolve to work for peace and amity between the nations of India and Pakistan and also for brotherhood and friendship between other South Asian communities living in the United States of America. We appeal to the governments of India and Pakistan to continue their efforts for lasting peace between the two countries and to join hands in curbing and eradicating terrorism from the Sub-continent.

We are profoundly grieved by the recent tragic attacks in Mumbai and in various cities of Pakistan. Our sympathies are with the victims of these tragedies.

The economies of India and Pakistan can improve only if there exists a lasting peace and friendship between the two countries. We make this appeal to all the South Asian countries, as our sympathies flow with the innocent people of these countries, to deem it your duty to utilize all resources to alleviate poverty and uplift the conditions of the people in South Asia.

All the speakers and representatives of the South Asian communities signed the draft.

COPAA urges all communities to join the movement by emailing at:



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