Nasreen Haroon's Exhibition at Schomberg Gallery
By Anila Ali

Nasreen Haroon with a group of friends and art lovers at the Schomberg Gallery

Nasreen Haroon held her much-awaited exhibition at the Schomberg Gallery in Santa Monica recently. The exhibition came after she spent a summer painting session in Italy.

 Nasreen Haroon has the distinction of having been selected for the American Artist Abroad Program and has traveled to Algeria where she conducted children’s painting workshops at the FOREM Bentalha Center and  the Kan Yamakan Bibliotheque at the Palais de la Culture. She also held  masters classes at the Ecole Superieure des Beaux Arts, and gave presentations on her work at the Galerie d’Art Benyaa and the Musee des Beaux Arts. The most lasting contribution she made during her visit was a colorful mural she painted in collaboration with the children and mothers of the SOS Femmes en Detresse at the Palais du Peuple. Nasreen used her art to transcend boundaries, languages and religions to find a common language with different cultures.

On her recent trip to Italy, she was successfully able to capture the familiar face of romantic Italy by seeking out its most distinctive features and putting them on the canvas. The vivid color collaborations of her oil paintings are a virtual passport to sun drenched fields of Italy. Nasreen uses beautiful golds and greens amidst the terra cotta rooftops and rolling hills that could only come from Italy.

A painting by Nasreen Haroon

Her landscapes present a variety of moods. They range from subtle lights of dawn casting shadows on the misty Italian vista to the dramatic silhouettes of shadows cast by a fading sun over the Aegean. Her most appealing painting is a night scene in which she captures the elegance and calm of Lake Como.

Nasreen's strength lies in her ability to put life and light into her paintings.  With her exceptional use of color, detail, and brush strokes, she is able to capture light in such a way that it seems to vibrate on the canvas.

Her beautiful work brought many admirers to the gallery on the opening day. The Consul General of Pakistan, Syed Ibne Abbas, and LA City Councilman  Bill Rosendahl  were seen admiring her work.




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